Tuesday, July 24, 2007

And the winners are....

Competition 1: Portmanmania
As promised, for taking part "all shall have prizes", and so prizes go to Liz, Brian, Helen R, Mary, Abbi and Juliun...er and me (that's a bit strange isn't it) - these were the least SHU/Bb/technology related prizes I could find but with the strongest "thanks for coming" crackerjack symbolism:
Special merit prizes go to the creators of surridium (Liz) and shamedropmanteau (Abbi) - twinkle, twinkle little tea lights...

And the grand prize for scoring 40 points and displaying an unhealthy obsession with slaming words of the English language together so hard that bits fall off and they stick together ...of course goes to Liz (or possibly Librian ???- I'm still not sure - oh what the hell, you guys work it out). Anyway having already bought what was a reasonable prize for this, I spotted this at the airport and knew that it was too too perfect...is it a ball? is it a money box?:

No.....it's portmanpig! enjoy!

Competition 2 - "If I were designing Bb NG I would...."
The prize of a winner appreciation event (as voted for in the in-blog poll) goes to Brian (probably to be held in Sept, in 6715, complete with crepe paper and warm wine, probably then to move on the dev cat for after party and to be followed by a 7.30 am presentation by Brian on designing Bb NG)

Prizes for best suggestions for Competition 2 go to Brian and Helen L who each get a Bb 10 year glowing cup...question is - is it half full or half empty???

and finally....for the shameless developers joke (which btw I still need someone to explain to me) and therefore declaring himself a closet-developer a special dev.con.related.prize goes to... Brian.
Congratulations to all our winners (...sorry no awards ceremony as we are too thin on the ground for that but please do come and collect your prizes the next time you are in and/or around).

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