Thursday, July 12, 2007

Future of Blackboard Solutions

This session was Karen Gage and Jessica Finnefrock talking about what's coming.

The main bit of information was around the new gradebook, which I think is coming in App pack 4. This will allow in cell editing, freezing of panes, and something called smart views which essentially allow you to create any view of the gradebook you might want, so sorting by groups and much more...It will also have a grade audit trail, so you'll be able to go and see when a grade was changed.

Other stuff was around an instructor dashboard, giving them access to a lot more information about what's going on in their courses.

It's going to look a lot more modern, and should be a lot faster to use. You'll be able to customise your preferred way of accessing some information, and it will retain that information, and you'll be able to do a lot more on a single screen rather than having to go through mutiple screens for each action.

The other thing they are looking at is enhanced workflows. I think this only applied to the content system, but they are talking about you being able ot create your own workflows for managing certain processes. You'll also be able to add assignments, html snippets, discussion topics, gradebook items to the content system. That's sometime in the future, but App Pack 3 should have improvements to the search function, and metadata options

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