Thursday, July 12, 2007

Whose portal is it anyway?

OK, so Mary and I did our ridiculously early session this morning. A small but select (and clearly dedicated) audience who started with the comment "we've got up really early to come to this, you'd better make it worth our while" pressure there then.

Approx 25 participants and it was quite good cos there were a lot of questions, most of which we could answer (with the possible exception of the question on identity management from Tony Lewis at Salford, that we decided to "cryptically dodge". The thing is, we tend to forget just how much we have done with the portal compared to most places, how much easier the cross-institutional conversations are this year than they were at the start and just how "unlike Bb" it appears - there were gasps in the room as we did the before and after from the 05/06 version to the 06/07 version which was just plain strange. Anyway, another one out of the way, so only the scary technical one remains.

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