Friday, July 13, 2007

closing session

by this point Mary has already gone over to the it just me and Paul for the closer. Peter Segall thanked us all for coming, did a very flat presentation about how great everything was (well compared to MC that is pretty unavoidable). There is a really weird thing at Bb events where Bb staff attending keynotes etc just stand around the walls of the room - despite there being aobut 400 spare seats - what's that all about?

Part of the close was to announce/launch etc BbWorld08 - which will be in Vegas - cue slideshow of flashy pictures of Vegas (think CSI open credits) with an Elvis "Viva Las Vegas" soundtrack at full volume....hmmm...this is the sort of thing that always makes me become "terribly, terribly British" but best of all was seeing Paul Grist trying to look interested and melt into the wall all at the same time. btw finally caught up with Melissa on the way out of the closing session (she says hi everyone) - it was really weird I saw her going into the first keynote and out of the close but nothing in the middle...hmmm.

OK, so that is the end of BbWorld for another year and Mary and I are now attendees at the developers conference BbDevCon07 aka the darkside, on the "bright side" at least it comes with the very least :-)

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