Sunday, July 8, 2007

Settling in SHU-style

As usual we spent the first few hours here getting acclimatised (yes to the glorious sunshine) but also to the area. In fact it was all way too easy, we had found the required bookshop, supermarket, pharmacy, bars, restaurants and numerous Starbucks within the first few minutes, not to mention the very strange public transport they have around here (more on that later). It might not sound like much of an achievement but since Liz and I did the Dallas-route-march for about 4 hours trying to find a single Starbucks when we were at the Educause conference, I've come to take nothing for granted. Last night we fulfilled another SHU first-night-at-a-conference tradition, wandering the streets, walking past many, many restaurants trying to decide where to eat, only to end up eating in the Chinese restaurant right next door to the hotel - well at least we walked up an appetite and Paul got to practice his tip maths (15% of 100...hmmm)

Anyway more later

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