Friday, July 13, 2007

appreciating the developers community

When I was talking to Jessica Finnefrock earlier in the day, she was saying how excited her team were to get to attend the event (lots of her team are system architects, programmers etc) as they very rarely get to meet the clients (get out of the basement or see daylight - my words not hers). There was a guy who was clearly so thrilled with his complimentary baseball cap he wore it all the time.

The client appreciation event for the developers conference was an evening of F1 go-kart racing, the blurb from the program reads:
Developers, Start Your Engines!
Get ready for an evening filled with an extraordinary combination of competition and camaraderie, adrenaline, excitement and fun! Enjoy an evening of networking at one of Boston's most unique venues - F-1 Boston. Suit up for a little friendly competition around the race track or relax as a spectator. Either way, you'll have a blast at F-1 Boston! We look forward to a fun evening on the fast track with you.

Need I say more??? Well yes, actually, cos it gets better. I had to do the housekeeping notice at the start of our session, you know the "the buses are leaving at.." stuff, with the extra-special line of "We will be leaving for the venue promptly at 5.30 with a police escort, please be on-time there will only be one run". Coool!!! So, no dancing for the developers conference and a missed opportunity of hearing MC shout out "if you like writing code in your bedroom raise your hands and make some noise"...let me hear you shout "....." I leave you to fill in that bit.

So Mary and I decided to have our own "walk by the river, leisurely drinks, Cheescake Factory, no longer having any presentations to worry about" appreciation event.

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